About BK

Texas-born-and-raised artist, Brittany “BK” McNally, started her painting career back in 2009 through commission-based acrylic paintings. Based out of her hometown in Dallas, TX, she interprets several types of subject matter onto canvas by integrating her knowledge of both the studio and graphic arts.

Brittany hosted her first solo art exhibition in downtown Dallas showcasing her first ever personal abstract series, “The Art of Architectural Design” back in 2010. Having an architect for a father and interior designer mother, she grew up inspired by clean lines, modern shapes, and angular spaces. Having established her own modern twist on buildings and environmental spaces in her first show, Brittany moved on a year later to explore modern landscapes in her series titled “A Peculiar Landscape” in 2011.

While she serves as lead designer for a local non-profit full-time, she enjoys working on both commission and personal work on the side. She continues to create commissioned memories both on paper and canvas and encourages her clients to seek life and color in their home environments through the creative arts.